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General Book Information

Yes. All of our orders come with a standard DOC format and can easily be uploaded to Amazon.

Yes, the book will be formatted, both for Kindle and Paperback.

Yes! Our writers are great, but they don't read minds. 🙂 Tell the writer what you are hoping to receive! The more information you can provide regarding your specific needs, the more accurate the writer can be and the final product will be better.

Sorry, due to potential copyright violations and Amazon's random blockage of books with pictures, we have a policy that we do not include pictures in order to help protect your publishing account. In addition, pictures require digital download space, which lowers your royalty income for digital and print books.

We do not accept plagiarized content from our staff, in any way, shape, or form. Our writers are trained extensively about the importance of non-plagiarized work. We check 100% of all content with Copyscape and Grammarly.

Please note that delivery times are not guaranteed. They depend on many things. You can count on us to provide quality content to you as quickly as possible, often days before the due date. But we can discuss it beforehand so you'll have some idea when to expect your content.

Yes! Send us a message via the Contact Us page. We will do our best to provide you with the same writer. Please note it could delay your order by a few days as the writer may be working on other projects.

Yes! Please be sure and request it when you place your order. It will be included within the word count. We recommend that descriptions be 250-300 words.

If you request a resource list to be included in your book, we'll gladly add those for you.

We do not provide samples.

Please email us your additional information. Please note that we can not guarantee that late submissions will be used, especially if the writer has already started working on the book. It is important that you submit ALL information when you place your order.

Send us an email with a simple list of issues. We provide revisions for up to 10 days after delivery. We will correct any errors or omissions that we make.

Topics / Niches

General Business Topics

We do not provide ghostwriter agreements. You have a contract with our company, not the writer. You own all rights to your purchase 100%!

Yes, you do! All purchases are 100% yours and you own the copyright to all of your orders.

If we have not started your order we offer a 50% refund if requested within 48 hours.

Yes! We love to work with affiliates. Please email us for additional information.

Yes! All payments are processed through the Paypal website. We do not have access to any of your personal information. Please see our privacy policy for additional information.

Copyright and Trademarks

Yes! Please forward us the email that you received from Amazon and we'll send you the necessary documentation.

We take copyright and trademarks very seriously! We believe it is important to respect the intellectual property of others. We will not knowingly participate in copyright or trademark violations.

It is important to respect the legal status of a trademark. If, for instance, you publish a book with a trademark title, the owner of the trademark can file a lawsuit against you because they own the trademark. Amazon is notorious for blocking books and/or shutting down accounts for trademark violations.