How to Build Your Business Network in the UAE

There’s a cliché that goes “It’s a small world”, and nowhere else can we see that in full action than in the world of business. No matter what industry you are in or what product or service you are selling, you will always have to connect and network with people and this networking is exactly what makes your world become smaller because you can now easily communicate with your customers and suppliers and share information about your industry with other businesses and players in the market.

So if you are doing business in the UAE, which is one of the hubs of commerce and trade in the Middle East, how can you build you network so that you can make your world smaller and more accessible to your business partners? Read on below and find out what you can do today to build and expand your network.


Attend Trade Shows

There are many trade shows happening in the UAE every year from small ones featuring food supplies and equipment for the restaurant and hospitality industries to bigger ones like technology and science trade shows. When you attend trade shows related to your industry or business, you increase your chances of meeting different entrepreneurs, freelances, and suppliers. The people who may eventually assist you, do business with you and from whom you can learn from are already in one place, so all you have to do is approach them and strike a conversation. Doing so can immensely increase your network two-fold!


Constantly Read and Update Yourself

You can’t build your business network without reaching out and sharing what you also know about your industry or business. So this means you have to continuously learn new information, update your skills, and be aware of what’s happening in your industry so that you can also share valuable information to others and start building real professional relationships.

To be updated with the events and trends in your business, make it a habit to read magazine and newspapers—whether online or printed ones—and keep your regular subscriptions for business magazines in UAE plus other related literature about your business. Through constantly keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry, you can really be perceived as an authority and more people would then like to connect with you and learn from you!


Provide Your Own Workshops or Promos

If you really want to create lasting professional relationships and build and grow your network, you should also have the initiative to open your doors to people in your industry. This means you can conduct workshops, product launches and promos, and think of interesting events where you can actually attract people and from there build your own network. Through giving and sharing your knowledge and making your customers feel they are valued, you can easily gain their trust and show that you are sincere in delivering quality services and products to them. They will remember your brand name, share or recommend you to their own network, and then you get to multiply your own connections through them!

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