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January 2017

Dubai Personal Assistant: How to Have a More Efficient PA

Having a Dubai personal assistant is one thing but making you PA a productive and very cooperative part of your team is another. You can’t just rely or hope that you will instantly get to hire a very experienced and proactive personal assistant in Dubai. For some companies, it takes a lot of training and their own initiative to get to that efficient level.


I get it. From one viewpoint you say, “I know I require help dealing with the subtle elements and utilizing my time.” But on the other, giving off additional to your own partner requires significant investment and exertion as well – particularly before all else as you prepare him or her.

I need to share 10 solid tips to help you all the more successfully influence your own right hand so you can accomplish more in less time.

Have ONE (1) extend list on which your aide tracks all that you give him or her to do.

Try not to attempt to oversee deliverables by email. Rather have your right hand have one exceed expectations spreadsheet where he or she puts everything.Make beyond any doubt that your partner – not you- – claims the venture list, and that everything (did I say everything) that he or she is accomplishing for you gets on that rundown. Along these lines you can assume that nothing will escape everyone’s notice since you have one ace rundown.


Utilize shading to make finding new data moment.

I have my colleague put all new data she contributions to RED textual style. That way I can go straight to the new sources of info and overlook what I’ve as of now investigated earlier. When I’ve perused it I transform her red into BLACK. On the off chance that I need to include something new, I put my new in BLUE, which I know she’s read when she’s transformed my blue into BLACK once more.


Record your key “assignment gatherings” for your right hand to audit.

About once per week I’ll take a seat with my right hand for 45-a hour to both go over her venture list and to hand her more activities and tasks.As you can envision, that is a considerable measure of data coming at your aide in one sitting. So she has her recorder going and after the meeting, she about-faces through her notes to contrast them with the recording so she catches everything.

I’ve discovered this one tip alone has had a major effect for the two of us. My right hand commented to me at one point that while she initially felt like my emphasis on her listening to the recording after we met was disappointing, yet following a couple of months of doing it she discovered it fantastically accommodating and consoling for her that she caught everything into her Project List.


These are just some of the things you can do to make sure you Dubai personal assistant is able to perform at his or her best while working with your team.