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September 2016

Questions to Ask Your Florist in Dubai

Before you hire your florist in Dubai, it’s best to do an interview where you can ask a few questions related to your occasion, budget, and other concerns.

The Question: Have you done numerous weddings?

Why You Want to Know: This is truly code for: Do you know what you’re doing? Experience is typically a decent pointer of skill, and that is imperative since it will mean she’ll have the capacity to guide you through the procedure effectively—regardless of the possibility that you toss in some curveballs, such as requesting that her how make less costly choices or which blooms are in season or develop in the area.


The Question: Can I see photos or live case of your work?

Why You Want to Know: Be careful if the answer is no. Pictures of past bunches and centerpieces will give you a feeling of whether you and the flower vendor have the same taste. Seeing photographs of her work will tell you precisely what she’s prepared to do and how it contrasts and your motivation bunches. The trap here, however, is having her let you know whether the photograph was something she thinks of her as style or on the off chance that it was the couple’s vision. Neither one of the answers is awful—on the off chance that you cherish the look, you know she’s fit for making it once more; in the event that you despise it, request that see something she supposes is intelligent of her own style.


The Question: Have you done weddings at our service or gathering site some time recently?

Why You Want to Know: If she has, she’ll proficient about what sizes, shapes and hues work in the venue. It’s likewise an incredible approach to perceive how different couples changed the space. On the off chance that she hasn’t, inquire as to whether she’d do a site visit to degree it out and take note of any impediments. This isn’t as crucial as general experience and style, however it’s super-useful and could spare you time and cash.

For a flower shop that can help you with weddings, check out July Flowers.


The Question: what number weddings would you say you are taking care of around the same time or weekend as mine? Will you just be dropping off blooms, or will you be setting up as well?

Why You Want to Know: If your flower vendor is taking care of various customers, you’ll need to guarantee she has enough staff and time to go around. Try to talk about your vision with the individual who will really be taking a shot at your wedding blossoms. You’ll pay more for a full-benefit flower specialist who ensures everything is all together the day of, yet it’s frequently justified regardless of the genuine feelings of serenity.


The Question: How would you get a kick out of the chance to work with customers?

Why You Want to Know: Maybe you can picture your wedding bunch, directly down to the quantity of stems. Then again perhaps you have no clue and might want some genuine hand-holding. Locate your botanical match. A few flower specialists love contribution from their customers, while others work better with more opportunity to handpick the freshest stems or extend the palette a bit. Contract somebody whose imaginative procedure coordinates your necessities. It will improve this arranging venture for everybody included.

Here’s a video for more tips on hiring a wedding florist:

Reasons Why People Are Using Concierge Dubai Services

Ever heard about concierge Dubai services? This is a type of service that has become so popular nowadays that more and more people are opting to use them.


What is Concierge Service?

Concierge services can be services that assist people in their daily tasks. Sites like My Personal Assistant is one of those companies you can check if you’d like to get your own concierge services. Concierge services include from arranging occasions and booking eateries, to running your ordinary life (finding a decent more clean, the best exercise center, a present for a friend or family member, and so on).

Some will dependably want to do these things off their own back, yet individuals are progressively swinging to attendant services to oversee it for them.



The best attendant services will give you your very own attendant, so you manage the same individual at all times, for all solicitations. By taking in your tastes and needs, this turns into a master dynamic administration, pre-empting what you might want to do.


Examining occasion goals, booking inns and eateries or sourcing an interesting blessing can now and again be a laborious undertaking. Why look aimlessly on the web when you can request an individual suggestion from a specialist with a gigantic book of contacts? This evacuates the obscure component, and places you in trusted hands.

  1. Spare TIME

Most customers will say that the primary reason they utilize an attendant service is to free up valuable time, empowering them to encounter the things they adore as opposed to investing energy exploring and booking them. An attendant service offers today’s most extremely valuable product – your time.


A decent attendant service will dependably be searching for the best of everything to prescribe to their customers, so you will have entry to their insider information and aptitude. Need to know the best lodging in Paris? The best new eatery in New York? The disconnected shoreline resort in the Caribbean? The shrouded bar in London? Your attendant will know.


It’s not generally about sparing time or offering answers for an issue you can’t comprehend yourself – it’s the accommodation of having somebody available, toward the end of the telephone or email, to run your life, empowering you to augment your extra time.


A genuine attendant service will endeavor to arrange for extraordinary benefits and advantages for its individuals wherever conceivable. Overhauls at top extravagance and boutique lodgings, need reservation and complimentary beverages at the best eateries, free section to select clubs, or rebates at a large group of other way of life administrations – an attendant service can include esteem, make you a VIP and spare you cash.

Next time you need some assistance with your work, trip, or tasks at the office or company, try to see if you can use the services of a concierge and make your life easier for you.