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March 2016

Choosing the Right Dubai Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic treatment has become very popular today because of all the positive reviews and testimonials of patients. There are conditions that have been treated without the use of powerful prescription drugs and some of the patients are also those who have been suffering from chronic pain for a long time and have lost hope in correcting or healing their bodies.

Some of the physical conditions or ailments that chiropractic treatment can heal include postural problems, back pain, headaches or migraines, sciatica, and other injuries sustained from accidents or other strenuous activities like sports. The treatment itself is very simple. There is no use of heavy drugs or medications. The chiropractor will use manual muscle and joint manipulation and apply strong yet precise pressure on different pressure points in order to realign the body’s spinal chord and help the organs function properly with other organs in the body.

So if you are interested in trying out chiropractic treatment, the next step would be to find a good Dubai chiropractic clinic that will not only offer expert and effective treatments, but also have the best chiropractors and competitive prices in the city. Here are some steps you can do in order the choose the right Dubai chiropractic clinic:


Don’t just call, visit the chiropractic clinic you want

Usually, we will read articles suggesting that you can just call a clinic if you need to inquire about a treatment. However, the best way to really see and get a feel of how a chiropractic clinic runs its business and treats its patients is to actually visit the location.

When you visit a chiropractic clinic, you should immediately observe how their reception greets you. As a simple question about their chiropractic services and take note of the way the receptionists or clinic assistants answer your questions. If they are able to provide good and informative answers, and then refer you to their chiropractor or ask if you would like to schedule an appointment for consultation, then you can have an idea of their quick and courteous service already. If, however, they are not able to answer you questions, and they don’t seem to care about your presence and your needs, that’s already a bad sign of what you can expect once you get your treatment in that clinic.


Ask for referrals from people who have actually tried the clinic

We also read articles that tell us to ask for recommendations from friends or family members if we are looking for services or products. But, the best sources for getting these recommendations are really the people who have tried the chiropractic clinic themselves. That’s because they can have an objective analysis of the services and the treatment and they can tell you if the treatment is good or not.

Also, when you ask people who really go to chiropractors, they can also give you an idea of what to expect when you go for your first treatment. Different clinics of course have different procedures, but overall, the person you are asking for recommendations can give you an idea of what can happen during a chiropractic treatment.

Check out this video to know more about chiropractic treatment:

How to Become a Great Event Photographer

So you have bought yourself a very expensive digital camera, several high-speed flashes, and a few more fancy photography equipment. All these because you want to set up your own studio or become a freelance event photographer. The good news is you are a step closer to achieving your goal because in order to push your photography career to the pro level, you really do need to invest in good quality equipment. But there is still a long way to go when it comes being a full-fledged event photographer.


Skills versus Equipment

You might hear some event photographers say that photography equipment nowadays are so good that all you need to do is point and shoot and you would often get some pretty good photos. On the other hand, there are photographers who would say that more than worrying about what type of equipment you have, you should spend more time trying to develop your skills because that is what really matters. Even if you have the latest cameras, high-end accessories and the most expensive equipment around, if you do not have the skills to shoot, then these things won’t really matter.

Both perspectives have some truth in them. However, the best way to really become a pro event photographer is to combine these two opposing views. You should develop your skills in event photography while slowly building your arsenal of pro photography equipment. These two things go side by side and you have to pay attention to them at the same time because they are really interdependent.


Investing in Equipment

If you want to become an event photographer Dubai offers some tough competition. But you don’t have to blow all your money away in just one sitting or visit to the photography supply shop. When buying your photography gear, the best approach is to do your own research first and compare the products you want to buy. Nowadays, you can go direct to the manufacturer’s website to read about a particular camera model or equipment you are thinking of buying then compare that to other models.

Another good way to buy equipment is to watch user reviews by real people on Youtube or other social media platforms. That’s because you can get an unbiased review about the product you wish to buy when it comes from real users and not from the manufacturer. There are also some good comments you can read under the video or you can check out forums to have insights on what other users think about the product.


Investing in Skills

So what is a good way to develop your skills as an event photographer? The answer is just keep on shooting! At the beginning you might just get some small projects like shooting a friend’s band’s club gig or shooting a school event. These gigs might not even pay but just remember that you can use them to build your portfolio and then have something to present to clients when you really start trying to get actual event photography projects.

Get more pro tips about event photography equipment here:

Portrait Photography Techniques

There can be so many good tips when it comes to portrait photography from simple camera adjustments like aperture opening and ISO speed to tips on how you can keep your subject especially children still so you can finally take a great picture. Professional photographers in Dubai would have an entire bag of tips and tricks and some are just learned from actual shooting and experience.

In this feature, we will talk about some of the techniques for shooting people that your camera manual (no matter how expensive the camera you bought is) won’t include on its pages. That’s because these are basically going to teach you how to have a creative eye when it comes to creating your portrait photos.

  1. Give Your Image a Real Expression

Some photographers are so obsessed with the technical aspect of photos that they forget what really matters at the end—real human expression. Instead of focusing too much on what aperture you are using or if you already have the best settings dialled in your camera, why not look at your subject, the person or people you are shooting and start directing them on how they should project to the camera. Better yet, when you go out to shoot portraits, try to look for subjects that already exude that special emotion or a unique expression on their faces. If you find something like this, then you have the perfect shot and all you need to do is take it!

  1. Check Your Composition

Now that you have a subject in place, you have them showing off their beautiful expressions on their faces, the next challenge is to actually know how to properly position them in your lens. The point of a good composition in photos is to get your audience to focus on the most important element in the photo, which is your subject and particularly their eyes. So, this is where the rule of thirds will come in.

The most important point of the rule of thirds is to place your subjects eyes on imaginary point on the final image. So for example, if you are taking a photo, try to imagine four perpendicular lined intersecting on the plane. They will basically have four intersecting points and those points are the best spots to position your subject’s eyes.


  1. Try to Find the Right Light

Unless of course you are shooting inside a controlled environment like a photography studio in Dubai, you have to really try to find the best natural light when you are shooting especially exterior shoots. That’s because it would be so much easier if you can already find that good light and have your subject properly positioned in that area. It would be easier to work on finding the best angles where there is great lighting and then just use fillers or reflectors to kick in some additional light from your main natural light. The key is to always find your light because you will have less of a hassle trying to artificially light the scene.


More tips on portrait photography below: