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January 2016

Why Strength Training Is Important

When trying to lose weight or just trying to keep fit, you should not just do all cardio exercises such as running or biking. In order to really develop your body, muscles, endurance, and maintain overall health, you should include strength training exercises in your workout routine.

strength-training-getting-startedThere are many reasons why strength training is important. One most notable is that strength training exercises can actually benefit your heart and help maintain strong lungs and cardio. You also get to strengthen your bones, muscles, and achieve better overall balance if you include strength training exercises in your workout. There are some people who think that strength training is all about lifting weights, barbells, and all that stuff for body builders. This belief couldn’t be more far from the truth. Strength training is also about improving different body functions and conditions. Strength training is not just for losing weight but also to help your organs and body circulation really work better and help you boost your immune system against sickness.


To really get your interest started on strength training, here are some more benefits you can get if you start today:


You can keep your weight off for good


Yes, you heard it right. Forget about those fancy and fad diets that cause more harm and starve you. When you eat a balance diet such as including lots of vegetables and fruits and including strength training exercises in your daily workout, you can actually keep off your extra weight for good. Instead of having a see-saw weight problem, strength training exercises can help your body burn more fat and develop more muscles that will then replace those fats and keep them out for good.


You can have stronger bones and more muscle


For those who are already complaining about painful joints or feel they are always in some form of body pain, doing a round of strength training routine can enormously benefit your body condition and help relieve chronic pain. There are actually many people who have been taking prescription drugs to relieve chronic pain but still is unsuccessful in doing so. So, they turned to doing regular exercises and routines that would help stretch their backs, joints, and muscles and eventually helped relieve their chronic body pains. Next time you feel something painful in your knees, lower back, or shoulders, ask your physician or physical therapist about low-impact exercises that you could do at home and that are aimed to relieve body pain.


You can improve your mood and feel better emotionally and mentally


Doing strength training exercises are also perfect for those who often feel sad, sluggish, or are suffering from depression. There have been many studies linking and testifying the benefits of regular exercise to improving emotional conditions and also helping issues like depression. That’s because exercising releases hormones that help improve mood and you instantly feel refreshed and reenergized after even just a short workout routine. Thus, when you do regular strength training and exercises, you don’t just improve your physical condition but also your emotional and mental state.